A downloadable game

Winner of Southampton Game Jam 2019's "People's Choice Award"

To play this - get some Anaglyph (red/blue) 3D glasses and use scissors and tape to make one set of red filter glasses and one set of blue filter glasses.

One player will be wearing a set of red filter glasses, and one player will be wearing a set of blue filter glasses.

The "red" player is trying to kick people out of a party happening at their house, and the other playing is stealing as much as they can before they get thrown out. 

Thanks to the anaglyph glasses each player can only see themselves (but people watching can see both).

Mapped for DualShock4 controllers - may work with other gamepads.

Install instructions

The game should just run from the executable. The installation difficulty is going to be getting some anaglyph glasses and converting them so they're useful for the game.

We ended up needing to double the lens thickness to ensure that there was no ghosting so the game worked optimally.


DontTouchMac.dmg 35 MB
DontTouchWinDesktop.exe 24 MB
DontTouchWinUniversal.appx 16 MB
DontTouchLinux.x86_64 30 MB


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I don't have the materials to play this but my god is this a cool-ass idea.