A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Winner of Southampton Game Jam 2020 @ Home's "People's Choice Award"


Journal is a zombie survival game with a twist. The world is tough and unforgiving and your survivor (seemingly the only one alive in the city) is unlikely to  discover the cure by themselves. Instead, you should improve the situation and leave the world in a better state than you found it - perhaps with more of the city mapped, crafting recipes recorded, or notes made about a tip of how to create the eventual cure. The next player to play the game will be a new survivor in the world you left, continuing your mission.


Play this game at https://journalgame.herokuapp.com in any browser. The primary controls are W/A/S/D and clicking on things.

To use weapons, aim your character to where you want to attack/shoot and click on the weapon.

Remember that everything persists - if you kill a zombie, that zombie will not be present for future players. If you use a weapon or health kit, that weapon or health kit will not be available for other players. Please use responsibly.


Don't spend too much time figuring out crafting recipes because there are almost none there. The only reason crafting is still in is you need it for a storyline reason at one point - but the only typical usage of it will be to repair your items.


Journal was created by Jonathan Scott for Southampton Game Jam @ Home 2020. It took two weeks. Tiles and sprites are from "Horror City" by Malibu Darby.



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