A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Holy shit. People who made that 'make a TV show and fight for ratings' game - that was incredible. I never in a million years thought you'd not only finish that idea, but make it that GOOD."


Public Access Wars is a scene-creation game for 3-10 players (online). You each create programming for a public access television station and must ensure that your station wins the ratings wars.

At the same time, you spend time in the evening watching television with your family and must optimise your viewing to keep your family happy.

Try to modify your shows to fit the needs of your audience, and find the shows you want to watch - at the end of the week we'll find out who's job is safe and who's isn't!

This was created in 1 month for the Something Awful GameDev Challenge 9. It is fully functional but could do with some polish.


"Wow, what a game! We had 4 people play and it was a ton of fun goofing around making a show. Adhered to theme perfectly and the stories everyone made were great. Tons of fun, everything was there, super high scores on this one!"

"This game is great! The networking is really impressive, and the idea is super fun and spot on with the theme. Some of the visuals could be improved, there's some balancing to be done, etc - but that's all very small compared to what has been done right in this. In fact the things I would say were "bad" are actually just ideas I have for being able to play the game with different modes, or for longer, and so on. Awesome game"

"It could use a lot of polishing up but otherwise it's a great concept. It's really god damn cool. Good job man [...] I'm very impressed that you managed to make a game with truly innovative gameplay that is simultaneously approachable!"


PAW Windows 0.9 40 MB
PAW Mac 0.9 42 MB
PAW Linux 0.9 42 MB

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