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Your followers want to make it to Church, and they need your guidance to get there. They will logically follow your instructions and do nothing else. In Set In Stone you must issue commandments, blessings and shunnings, to guide your followers.

This was created in less than 24 hours for Global Game Jam 16, and includes four levels.


Each follower has a white box surrounding them. This is their area of vision. If something is not within their area of vision, they will not act upon it. In all levels, the Church begins outside of their area of vision and the way to complete the level is to guide them so that they can see it.

When deciding what to do next, followers will interpret commandments in the following way:

1. Reading commandments from top to bottom, find the first blessing that has a target I can see.

2. Read all shunnings which are higher priority than this blessing, ensure that I can still reach the target without going near the shunned tiles (if not, return to step 1).

3. Find the shortest path to the target, take one step in that direction.

The easiest place to start is to create a blessing on an object that is inside the area of vision of your followers, then see where that takes them and modify your commandment lists in response.


Set In Stone was created at the Southampton Game Jam site of Global Game Jam 2016. It was programmed by Jonathan Scott, Tom Blount, and Priyanka Singh. With art by Xiyun Weng.

The theme of the gamejam is "Ritual", and in Set In Stone, you take on the role of God - setting commandments which create the rituals of your followers.

Source Code

The source code is available on Github.

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